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Why Volunteer?

Why Should You Volunteer?

People volunteer for a variety of reasons.  Some people want to make a difference, some want to give back and yet others want to build on skills that they already have. Then there are those volunteers who want to utilize downtime that they may have.

Regardless of the reason, volunteering can be quite a fulfilling undertaking because, whether you know it or not, volunteering helps build better communities.

Here is a list of more reasons why people volunteer:

  • To give back to a community or organization that has given to you or a loved one
  • To make a difference 
  • It is good for you
  • It brings people together
  • It helps your professional growth and experience
  • It helps your personal growth and boosts your self-esteem
  •  You learn a lot
  • It helps you fulfill your civic responsibility 
  • It creates nation-builders
  • It enhances your curriculum vitae
  • It helps you satisfy mandated community services
  • You can earn a PREB Certificate

Whatever reason motivates your volunteering interests, contact your local Volunteer Centre and they can point you in the right direction regarding available volunteer opportunities. 

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