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Qu’est-ce que PREB-Ontario?

What is PREB-Ontario?


The  PREB-Ontario system  is a set of online tools that nonprofit and voluntary organizations other purpose use for the recognition of the experience of volunteers, including skills they put to good use. It is used to create PREB certificates that volunteers can present to potential employers and officials from education. 

Who is behind PREB-Ontario?

The development and implementation of PREB-Ontario system is coordinated by the Network of Volunteer Centres in Ontario (RCABO) on behalf of its member centers. The RCABO partnering on this project with Volunteer MBC, Volunteer Canada and CABQ.

Twenty-one volunteer centers across the province to provide training PREB-Ontario system to local organizations.

What PREB mean?

PREB like an acronym and people assume it means something. PREB was an acronym in the beginning, it was the French name of the original program in Quebec. Rather than translate it into English as VERP, the French acronym was adopted as a proper name in the rest of Canada.

The origins of PREB

Further to a recommendation by the Regional Council of consultation and development in the region of Quebec (CRCDQ) to create a recognition program of volunteer experience in Quebec City, the  Volunteer Centre of Quebec (CABQ)  developed PREB in 2002. With PREB, experience and skills gained during voluntary work is recognized as work experience by business organizations and companies.

It has since spread throughout the province of Quebec with support from the Secretariat for independent community action and social initiatives (SACAIS) and other grants.

PREB across Canada

Through a partnership of three years (2012-2015) between the CABQ and Volunteer Canada (with the support of Investors Group)  PREB has set a new picture and was launched nationwide in 2013. 

The PREB-Ontario system launched in April 2015

Launched during National Volunteer Week in April 2015, PREB-Ontario is an optimized version of the PREB national initiative, with additional enhancements that are unique to Ontario. 

PREB-Ontario is a legacy Toronto 2015 Games

PREB-Ontario project is a legacy of  Pan and Parapan American Games that took place in Toronto.

It is one of three initiatives to support and encourage volunteering during the Pan American Games and Parapan 2015 and for the future. Other projects  MOMENTUM Ontario, an online volunteer gateway project and a deferral program and waiver of student loans.

In September, the Games volunteers will be the first to receive PREB certificates. It is expected that 23,000 volunteers will be recognized for their commitment to the success of the Games.

Once these certificates distributed, volunteer organizations trained in the use of PREB-Ontario system will start issuing certificates for volunteers.