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PREB Certificates

What is a PREB Certificate?

A PREB Certificate is a highly-personalized, official document that volunteers earn for their volunteer experiences. The double-sided document has several unique characteristics.





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Why Earn a PREB Certificate?

Proof of skills

A PREB Certificate provides proof of a volunteer's skills.

The tasks and activities listed on PREB Certificates are informed by the National Occupation Classification Code. This makes it easy for employers to quickly assess whether the volunteer has the skills required for a specific role.  That's why, increasingly, volunteers are asking for PREB Certificates by name.

Highly personalized

A PREB Certificate is one of the most personalized recognition certificate that a volunteer can receive in Ontario.  One of its outstanding benefits is that it includes special comments from a volunteer's supervisor, making it a signature of the PREB Certificate. A PREB Certificate also contains details of key aspects of a volunteer’s experience, including hours of volunteering completed, activities performed, and achievements or special training attained while volunteering. This is the level of detail that makes the PREB Certificate a valued document to recipients.

Provincial-level recognition

A PREB Certificate is the product of PREB-Ontario, a legacy program of the Pan Am/Parapan Am Games 2015, sponsored by the government of Ontario. That's why volunteers who hold PREB Certificates, hold a provincial-level of volunteer recognition. 

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