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PREB Certificates and Your Career


Many people are interested in volunteering as a way to break into the workforce, to upgrade their employment or to take their career in a new direction. Take Max for example.

Now you can receive a PREB certificate to show employers and admission officials as proof of the skills you demonstrated in a volunteer position.

Everyone can benefit. Having a PREB certificate is a way to distinguish yourself as a candidate for employment or education programs.

We're especially excited about how PREB certificates can make a difference for youth and for people seeking work such as newcomers to Canada and people making a career transition.

PREB Certificates for Youth

Your PREB certificate could make the difference when applying for co-op positions, summer jobs or scholarships and bursaries. And when the time comes to find full-time employment, you'll be happy you have PREB certificates from the volunteer work you did as a student to show potential employers.

Learn more about youth volunteering and PREB certificates.

PREB certificates help people facing barriers to employment

PREB certificates can be useful for anyone who may face barriers to employment because they are a form of reference. They document your experience in a way that shows employers you have the skills required and what tasks you performed. 

Find a volunteer opportunity that suits you with the help of your local volunteer centre.

PREB certificates are proof of Canadian experience

If you're a newcomer to Canada looking for work, one of the toughest barriers you face is employers who seek "Canadian experience." They often have difficulty being confident about how your education and work experience in another country can transfer to their workplace.

Volunteering is a good strategy to demonstrate your education, skills and experience in Canada. It can help you to find work in your chosen field.

A PREB certificate is a formal document that proves which skills you used when volunteering. It also shares other important information such as the organization you helped and how much volunteering you did. 

Your PREB certificate proves that you have some Canadian experience.

Volunteering indicates employability

It can be particularly hard when entering or returning to the workforce and your resume lacks paid employment or there is a gap in your work history. A PREB certificate can indicate employability for paid employment similar to your volunteer experiences. It can strengthen your application.

A PREB certificate can assist your job search

When you are between jobs, volunteering is a great way to make connections and show what you can do. You may find a position that uses skills specific to the type of employment you seek but those skills are not the only ones that can help you to land a job. Volunteering is also a great way to demonstrate what are called essential or foundational skills such as collaboration, leadership or perseverance.

Or volunteering might be an opportunity to develop new skills or enhance existing skills that you did not have in previous employment.

A PREB certificate can then act as a professional reference of the skills you demonstrated. 

Find a volunteer opportunity that suits you with the help of your local volunteer centre

A PREB certificate can help take your career in a new direction

Stuck in a dead end job?

Not happy with your job or the type of work you are doing?

Get laid off and there are no jobs that suit you?

If for any reason you want to take your career in a new direction, volunteering can help. It's a low risk way to try different types of work or learn new skills.

The tricky part of a career transition has always been to prove that you are ready to fill a job that requires specific skills and a certain level of experience.

Having a PREB certificate can make that transition easier because you can prove what skills you used volunteering, what kind of situation you used them in and for what time period.

Find a volunteer opportunity that suits you with the help of your local volunteer centre


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