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PREB Certifcates for Youth


A PREB certificate could change your life!

A PREB certificate is more than a piece of paper that goes on your fridge to impress your family. It goes beyond the everyday pat on the shoulder.

A PREB certificate displays the tasks you performed and skillsyou demonstrated volunteering using language employers like to see. Of course, it also shares where you volunteered, your role, your time commitment and all the other key details. It even has a spot where your supervisor can add special comments.

So why get a PREB certificate?

For the first time, you can show proof of your volunteer experience. More importantly, you can share how you used your skills or the skills you learned volunteering.

So a PREB certifcate could help open doors for you that can change your life.

Use it when you are:

  • applying for scholarships or bursaries
  • seeking a job that requires the skills you used volunteering
  • asked for a professional reference
  • seeking employment to launch your career

How can you get a PREB certificate?

Volunteer! Looking for opportunities?

Ask about PREB certificates before you volunteer

Only nonprofits trained on using our PREB-Ontario system can give you a certificate.

So ask if the nonprofit where you want to volunteer recognizes volunteers with PREB certificates. If they don't, suggest they contact us and learn how they can get trained.

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