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How PREB means business

A PREB certificate takes a volunteer's experience and makes it meaningful in a business environment.

They meet the needs of business by accurately describing a volunteer's experience with a focus on the tasks performed and the skills shared, developed or acquired by volunteering. 

The result is that it is easier for employers to consider volunteer experience to assess candidates for a job opening.

Volunteering enhances a person's employability 

According to the 2010 Survey of Giving, Volunteering and Participating by Statistics Canada, volunteers reported that:

  • 64% improved their interpersonal skills through their involvement (interpersonal communication, crisis management)
  • 44% improved their communication skills (public speaking, writing, hosting events or group activities, public relations)
  • 39% improved their management or organizational skills

Volunteering uses skills that increase a person's employability and helps them stand out it a crowded field of candidates. But until now assessing that experience and the skills used was challenging.

Now by being able to obtain a PREB certificate, volunteers can present clear, consistent documentation of their volunteer experience and how it demonstrates their employability.

What PREB means to your business

Assessing job candidates

Think of a PREB certificate as a reference for a volunteer experience. It can be particularly helpful to identify if someone possesses the essential or foundational skills employers seek such as demonstrating leadership or working as part of a team.

Not only does it share tasks performed and skills used (as described above), it also includes on optional space where voluntary organization can share its assessment of the volunteer. 

This documentation can be especially beneficial when assessing candidates entering the workforce such as youth or newcomers to Canada or when people are seeking a promotion requiring new skills or desire to take their career in a new direction.

If your Human Resources department values PREB certificates, please request that they be submitted as part of your hiring process.

Enhancing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Volunteering is often a component of formal or informal corporate social responsibility programs because of its many benefits for your staff and your company.

PREB certificates add another enticement to your staff to volunteer especially if they understand how it could help them enhance their career.

Skills-based Volunteering

While any volunteer experience can merit a PREB certificate, it is a perfect way to recognize skills-based volunteers. Many voluntary organizations seek people with specialized skill sets such as medical practitioner, human resources professionals, architects or engineers. The availability of a concrete, skills-based form of volunteer recognition is an additional incentive for people to use the skills they use at work as a volunteer. Doing so is often a good way for people to grow their skillset or demonstrate their range of skills.

Professional accreditation

Some professionals are part of a "community" that requires volunteer hours (eg. CHRA, CGA), a PREB certificate verifies the hours volunteer and the professional skills used.

Group Volunteering

Employees often like the idea of volunteering as a group and doing so is seen by employers as a great team-building opportunity. PREB certificates are a way to make the benefits of these experiences more tangible. In particular, they often provide your staff with an opportunity to showcase the interpersonal or social skills that contribute to success in the workplace.

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