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PREB certificates are a great new tool for people working in education. For frontline educators, they assist students achieve their career objectives. While staff making decisions on admission or financial awards have a new tool to assess a candidate's volunteer experience in making their decision.

With the introduction of PREB certificates, volunteering is now an even more powerful tool to help students of all ages develop, grow or showcase skills. It's more than a standard form of volunteer recognition, it acts as a form of reference by capturing the tasks, skills and context of their experience.

Teachers & Educators

If you are a teacher, professor or educator working with youth, you need to know how having a PREB certificate can change your students' lives. This knowledge is especially important for Guidance Counsellors or any educator advising students on making choices that affect their career path.

We need your help to raise awareness of the existence of PREB certificates and how useful they could be in obtaining education, training or career goals.

It is also important for students to know that not all voluntary organizations offer PREB certificates. Asking if they do is an important question in determining where a student chooses to volunteer. They may prefer an organization that offers them.

Just asking the question might prompt an organization to be trained on the PREB Ontario system to attract people who are interested in volunteering as a stepping stone to their career goals.

Admission Officials

You can now better evaluate the value of volunteer experiences if your program, faculty or training program takes work experience or skill development into consideration in making admission decisions. PREB certificates clearly share an experience in a standardized format using language that is consistent with how you refer to tasks and skills.

We encourage you to suggest that applicants include PREB certificates as a part of your admission process.

Scholarship & Bursary Officials

Having one or more PREB certificates is a way to distinguish between students competing for financial awards such as bursaries and scholarships. They not only confirm a student volunteered, they share the tasks performed, skills demonstrated and offer supervisors an opportunity to include comments. Having a PREB certificate shows a student's level of interest and commitment toward achieving their goals. If more than one student has a PREB certificate, the common reporting format makes comparisons easier.  

We encourage you to suggest that applicants include PREB certificates as a part of your decision-making process.

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