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What do I tell a youth who wants to get involved, but isn’t aged 14 to 18?
You still can! Their hours will not count in the overall target for ChangeTheWorld, but they will still gain tremendous benefits of volunteering…and they’ll be changing the world.

What do I do if a teacher/principal/member of the media isn’t getting back to me?
Be persistent. Leave messages to convey your enthusiasm and keep at it. It’s a pitch to create a positive environment for youth in Ontario. ChangeTheWorld is a great initiative. You know it, we know it. Now we just need the rest of the world to know it. Believe in yourself and believe in your message. It will come through when you chat with your stakeholders. You can do it!

How do I get youth to be involved in our volunteer clubs or committee?
Engaging youth participation is an art. Sometimes, you get lucky and attract very eager volunteers – they’ll arrive 5 minutes early and help you set up – but ChangeTheWorld is about getting all youth in Ontario to volunteer.
If you have an established group of youth volunteers, make sure they are having fun and doing things they are passionate about. If youth think they are working towards a worthy cause, they are more likely to stick with it and put out their best effort. Take the opportunity to get to know your team.

If you have not established a youth group yet, the trick to attracting interest is building hype. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What do the youth have to look forward to in meetings?

  • What can they get out of it?

  • What are we doing to make this awesome?

Be passionate and compassionate. Empower youth! When recruiting, talk to school guidance councillors or community leaders and ask them to identify someone they think would be a great ambassador. Make youth heroes and they’ll lead the pack, right into your club or committee.

How do I build a relationship with a teacher/principal/member of the media?
This campaign is based on relationship building. There are a lot of reasons you might not hear back from them: general apathy, a busy schedule, and a lack of interest in the cause among other things.
Interestingly enough, these are all pitfalls that can be dealt with.
Who are you building a relationship with? Understand your target. Do they like being committed to one big project? Do they have a lot on the go? The details are important in that bombarding a whole contact list with one general e-mail won’t be as impactful. Customizing e-mails or responses based on how you know an individual will allow you to create impactful conversations and by extension enhance their interest.

In addition, getting an individual involved is as easy as embodying the campaign’s energy in your interactions. You don’t have to dress up and act crazy to get the message across, but get excited – this isn’t just another opportunity… you are changing the world. Be the change.

You will be surprised by how much attention you can generate with a strong effort.

Pay attention to your first impressions. You must be prepared for every conversation – even calling a school for the first time and leaving a voice mail! Every ounce of interaction is an opportunity to spark interest.
Activate your youth volunteers. They combine into a loud voice and they will be heard. You are not asking schools to get involved so you can have access to their students, you’re asking them to be a part of an already growing movement. This is happening, get on board!

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