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1. What are the requirements for my students to participate in ChangeTheWorld?  

Requirements are: 

  • Students must be 14-18 years of age to qualify.

  • Whatever event or activity is planned, it must give back to the community to benefit a non-profit/charity of their choice (i.e. awareness campaign, fundraiser, etc.).

  • The event/activity must be held during the timeframe of ChangeTheWorld which is April 12th to May 24th, 2015. 


2. Why should our school/students get involved in ChangeTheWorld?

ChangeTheWorld provides the opportunity for your students to be part of something big…something really BIG!  

All volunteer hours during the campaign count towards your students 40 hours of community engagement required for graduation.  

The campaign has been endorsed by the Ministry of Education. It is delivered in partnership by the Ministry of Citizenship, Immigration & International Trade and the Ontario Volunteer Centre Network (OVCN). Please refer to the “Letter of Support” section of the toolkit to read a joint letter from both Ministries regarding this year’s campaign. 


3. What is the Volunteer Centres role in ChangeTheWorld?  

We know how busy school staff are, the Volunteer Centres are here to help! The ChangeTheWorld coordinator at your local Volunteer Centre will be your main your contact to help guide you through the planning process, and answer any questions you may have. This campaign provides the opportunity for your students to take their passions and interests and put them into action. We have everything you need, and offer all the support necessary to make this happen. Not sure who your local Volunteer Centre or contact is? Contact the ChangeTheWorld-Provincial Program Coordinator, Lily Ostos at youth@ovcn.ca, and she would be happy to direct you.  


4. What type of activities/events could my students do? 

From food drives, to variety shows, the ideas are endless! We always encourage students to use their creativity to create their own events. However, you can check out the “Events Suggestions” section of this kit or head to HERE for more event ideas. You can also consult with your local Volunteer Centre, for more event ideas and event planning assistance.  


5. We have an event at our school that’s happening during the ChangeTheWorld timeframe. If we are doing it regardless, why do we need to register our event for ChangeTheWorld?  

We want to recognize your students in this provincial effort! By registering your event during the ChangeTheWorld timeframe, every student that volunteers will receive a ChangeTheWorld certificate. This certificate acknowledges their hours and contribution they have made to help ChangeTheWorld in their local school, community, and across Ontario!  


6. Would someone be able to come in and speak to our students about the ChangeTheWorld campaign, and how to get involved?  

Absolutely! Contact your local Volunteer Centre to check availability. They will do their best to accommodate!  

We also have promotional material available to post within your school to let your students know about how they can get involved.   

Click here to locate your local Volunteer Centre. 


7. Our school has received a SpeakUp grant and our project will be taking place during the ChangeTheWorld time frame, will my students hours still count towards the ChangeTheWorld campaign?  

Absolutely! For the past four years MCIIT and the Ministry of Education have cross-promoted ChangeTheWorld and the SpeakUp program together. SpeakUp projects help students get involved in making their school a better place to learn, while they work towards their hours of graduation! That is why we include any hours students have contributed to SpeakUp projects, towards the ChangeTheWorld campaign, as long as it falls in the April 12th to May 24th timeframe.  


8. Is there something I have to report on once the campaign has wrapped up? 

As part of ensuring your students hours contribute to our total results for the province, we ask that you submit the number of hours and youth that have participated in your event(s) during the ChangeTheWorld time frame, to your local Volunteer Centre Coordinator. There is also a simple survey we encourage you to provide to your students, to in order for us to get feedback about their experiences and help us improve our program where needed! Please see the “Reporting & Feedback” section of this kit, and/or connect with your local Volunteer Centre coordinator for more information. 

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