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Here’s some stuff that’s worked in the past. You can make it happen again.

  1. Food Drive / Good Food Box. Collect food donations. Hand out paper bags to shoppers and encourage them to donate while buying groceries.

  2. Neighbourhood Breakfast. Help serve a healthy and nutritious breakfast to children.

  3. Bake-off or Cook-off. Bake muffins, to be donated to a community breakfast program.

  4. Shelter House Supper Service.

  5. Clothing Drive. Collect used clothing, small appliances, toys and tools to donate.

  6. Backpack and School Supplies Drive. Collect school supplies and put them in a back pack for students going to school.

  7. Volunteer Fair. Hold an event or presentation to promote volunteerism in the community.

  8. Share perspectives. Hold a roundtable discussion on individual perspectives of community services available to them.

  9. Family Storytelling. A family event to promote literacy, activities arranged for toddlers to adults.

  10. Block Parent Pamphlets. Prepare marketing materials and deliver to neighbourhoods.

  11. Anti-Bullying Awareness. Perform skits and educate about the harms of bullying.

  12. Talent Show. Showcase a talent or hobby at a local library or community center.

  13. Car Wash. Have schools compete against one another to raise money for charity.

  14. Raffle Ticket / Bracelet / Daffodil Pin Sale. Sell raffle tickets, bracelets, and/or daffodil pins in the community to promote Habitat for Humanity, Bracelet of Hope, and/or Daffodil Month.

  15. Community Health Day.

  16. Multicultural Festival.

  17. Fair Trade Festival.

  18. Music & Movie Awards Ceremony.

  19. Bowling Fundraiser. Hold a themed bowling fundraiser.

  20. Mural Project. Classrooms create a mural to be displayed in school or their community.

  21. Community Quilt. Volunteer at a senior’s home and interact by making a quilt.

  22. Book Sale. Help to carry, sort and stack books. Give money to charity.

  23. Easter Festival. Children between the ages of 3 to 11 take part in egg decorating, colouring stations, face painting, themed games and musical entertainment.

  24. Scavenger Hunt / Easter Egg Hunt.

  25. Condom Packaging Party. To promote safe sex, volunteers will pack condoms, lubricants and safe sex information kits.

  26. Intergenerational Conference. Youth and seniors meet and participate in a variety of interactive and recreational activities; movies, card games, and puzzle night.

  27. Pancake & Ham Brunch. Volunteers needed to set up tables, serve, and prepare plates at the local Historic Society.

  28. Homework Helper. Help tutor at a homework club to assist other students.

  29. Paperback Hand-out. Make someone’s day by giving them a novel for their commute at the bus and/or train station.

  30. Wear Pink. In support of LGBT Youth, people are encouraged to wear pink in their school and community.

  31. Prenatal Health Fair. Volunteers assist with displays and workshops, welcoming participants and refreshments.

  32. Sleepless Night. Create awareness about homelessness. Assist with BBQ, entertainment, Wake-A-Thon fundraiser and speaker series.

  33. Famine / Fasting Event. Go without food in Support of World Vision.

  34. Change-the-World Class Challenge. Classrooms research and prepare an information booth for a non-profit organization or a social issue.

  35. Fence Painting.

  36. Disabled People’s Campaign. Educate the public about sports and recreational programs for the disabled.

  37. Fashion Show. Bring together community cultures and have a potluck.

  38. Ride your bike to School Day. Bike rally or Cycling Tour at lunch or after school. Offer bike tune-up and repair services, or “paint shop.”

  39. Painting Over Graffiti. Organize after school party to paint over community or school graffiti.

  40. Car Show. Put cars on display and have messaging around them.

  41. Trades Competition. Pit students against each other in “trades” challenges that involve school curriculum skills.

  42. Marketing/Branding Competition. To design flyers, posters, website.

  43. Senior’s visit. Provide entertainment, help plant a community garden, have a tea party, read, bring your pets, teach them how to use the computer, email and surf the internet, create a “TV Show” of the event or for seniors to share their life stories as a keepsake

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