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Here’s some stuff that’s worked in the past. You can make it happen again.

  1. Community Clean-up. Pick up litter and clean around neighbourhoods, schools, parks, museums, retirement homes, downtown, waterfront, and/or police stations.

  2. Earth Day Festival. Clean the community. Pick up garbage, twigs and branches. replenish mulch. Rake, sweep and organize.

  3. Eco Festival. An exhibition on greener living and promoting a cleaner environment.

  4. Community Garden. Start a vegetable garden to provide fresh produce to the school cafeteria.

  5. Tree Planting. Plant trees, flowers or shrubs to restore the environment, protect forest, and support biodiversity.

  6. Community Pond Restoration. Clean and pick-up garbage around the water.

  7. Rain Barrel Painting / Promotion. Paint and promote the use of rain barrels, water conservation and educate the public about the re-use of rain water at home.

  8. E-Waste Collection. Create an opportunity for the public to drop off theirs electronic waste (computers, phones, ink cartridges, etc.) for proper recycling.

  9. Used Eye Glasses Collection. Collect glasses to be sent around the world and donated to those in need.

  10. Solar Light Recycling. Solar lights are taken apart and shipped to Kenya to create homework lamps for kids.

  11. Clean Air is a Yard Away. Invite the public to trade in old gas lawnmowers in exchange for a gift card towards a lower emission lawnmower.

  12. Battery Recycling Depot. Collect batteries and create a mini-campaign around stats (i.e. how many received, how harmful they can be in landfills, etc.

  13. Electricity Consumption Awareness. Talking about how basic things at home require energy.

  14. Excess Packaging Awareness. How harmful plastics can be, or what packaging does to the environment.

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