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ChangeTheWorld relies heavily on the support and encouragement of teachers and other school staff in different cities around our province to promote the campaign and the importance of volunteering to their students. They have a huge part to play. Here is what some of them had to say about ChangeTheWorld, and the impact it has had on their students…

“I strongly believe that by changing the individual you can ChangeTheWorld. My students have learned so much about the special needs of people in our community over the past two years because of this program. We plan special opportunities to show the students how they can help others but it’s the students who go back to these organizations, like local food banks or elementary schools, long after the challenge timeline has passed and continue to make a lifelong difference in the lives of others.”

Tamie Gaudet, Staff Advisor-Regiopolis Notre-Dame Catholic Secondary School Student Council (via United Way KFL&A)

“The students at Holy Trinity High School in Bradford, Ontario want to be a positive change in the world. When the "ChangeTheWorld - Ontario Youth Volunteer Challenge” arrives it is very easy to engage the students in any positive activity that will have an effect on our community. I enjoy leading these excursions because it can bring some students out of their shell, and it really educates them on how to be a positive change in the community.”

MacGregor, Chaplain, Holy Trinity High School Bradford (via CONTACT South Simcoe)


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