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Youth are the drivers of this campaign! The feedback they provide us on their experience during ChangeTheWorld, is imperative to work that we do! Here is what some youth across the province are saying about their involvement in ChangeTheWorld

“My favourite moment while volunteering during the ChangeTheWorld campaign was just simply giving back to the community and receiving feedback on how appreciated and valued my volunteer work really is in the community.”

“I got to meet new friends, and create new connections for future volunteer work. I also got to meet people who shared the same interests as I do.”

“I'm glad that I found out about this challenge and because of it now I know many places where I may even do extra volunteering after the 40 hours that I need, and maybe even get a scholarship! This challenge gave me many experiences!”

“I learned how to be more responsible, outgoing, and how to be a leader.”

“The highlight of my volunteer experience was knowing that my help was appreciated; I enjoy serving others and putting others before myself.”


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