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ChangeTheWorld also relies heavily on the support of local community service organizations and agencies around our province to provide volunteer opportunities for youth to engage in. They also have a huge part to play as this provides youth with the opportunity to learn more about the causes that they feel passionate about and to get involved. Here is what one organization had to say about ChangeTheWorld, and the impact it has had on their organization…

“CTW is an amazing opportunity that brings not only youth together, but also many organizations and institutes. Everyone works towards one goal; giving back to the community. It creates a collective sense of responsibility and achievement. 27 youth participated in the ‘Read to Succeed,’ event in April 2014 with elementary school students. The youth had the experience of facilitating the event, being role models for the younger students along with being patient, professional and using their sense of humour. They took the time to give back to the community by assisting the young ones and their parents in learning new educational activities.”

Kuldeep Kanda, Youth Facilitator/Counsellor-Newcomer Information Centre-Centre for Education & Training (via Volunteer MBC)


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